GO2UNIX Web Site Solutions: Features


When your new eBusiness is customized and turned over to you, you will be given a User Name and Password unlocking access to the most robust set of Web site features available.



GO2UNIX Web Site Solutions: Benefits

Quick,stress-free startup

You choose the Design Package you want and let us do the rest.

Efficient operation and management

State-of-the-art features make your e-business run smoothly without requiring a lot of your time. Plus, you can set up your business to send you Business Alerts when your Web store inventory gets low or when a client makes an online reservation. Managing your e-business has never been easier. 

Improve relationships with customers, partners and suppliers

A presence online gives your customers one more way to do business with you - any time from anywhere. Send out personalized e-newsletters, notification of markdowns, or include message boards on your site to encourage a sense of community. TOP

Increase profits

You can build sales and revenue with e-commerce at your own Web store, or through auctions that feature excess inventory. Trim expenses by automating appointment setting and reservations.

Personalize your e-business with news feeds, weather, maps, images selected from the gallery and more. Add message boards or chat where your customers and suppliers can communicate.


No technical experience or programming knowledge is required. Let our professional designers make changes to your site or do it yourself via your password-protected Web Site

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