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The Management Console  [Back to top]

Manage and maintain your site from one central location!  Within each web site is a powerful Management Console where you will have complete control over every aspect of the site and can easily manage your business online.  Perform a wide range of activities from a single interface such as, creating logos, processing orders, adding images, creating banner ads, managing appointments and even marketing to new and existing customers.  Easily add, delete, rename or re-arrange pages of your site - and you never have to know a thing about HTML development -- it's THAT EASY!
















Departments (product categories)   [Back to top]

Easy to use inventory management system. Setup and sort product inventory by departments. Easily add, change or rename product department names, then simply add products to that department. Optionally track inventory poducts and adjust at any time. Alerts and Warnings are triggered as inventory is depleted to specified levels that you set.














Store Management (e-commerce),   [Back to top]

Within the Management Console is a set of tools and features for Store Management that allows you to set up departments, create products within those departments, manage quantities, set product descriptions, choose payment options, and much much more. Selling products online was never easier!












Designs & Styles,   [Back to top]

Select from 460 distinct professionally designed website styles. Styles may be changed at any time, instantly transforming your e-business website.  Choose the style you like, then pick the color scheme of your choice from a palette of colors that has been created to work specifically for that design.  Creating a unique look for your website has never been easier.













Marketing Tools   [Back to top]

Utilizing the Marketing Tools within the Mangement Console can help improve communications and stay in touch with customers, vendors and partners 24/7!  Send email & newsletters to talk about special sales on your ebusiness website and offer instant access to your business, products & services.  Upload or create your own banner ads using a wide variety of fonts and animation effects to bring the ad to life.  Even trade your banner with other customers and extend your marketing reach to a new customer base.







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