May 17, 2022
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SCO:  OpenServer Enterprise System 5-user License

SCO: OpenServer Enterprise System 5-user License

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The SCO OpenServer Enterprise System is ideal for business-critical applications that require a cost effective, rock solid platform. Its adaptable configurations can be tailored to fit the specific server needs of any business, by providing a range of services that include internet functionality, network backups, interoperability with many other operating systems, and common productivity tools.


  • Scalable, reliable and flexible UNIX server operating system
  • Wide range of supported hardware platforms and peripherals
  • Internet connection services and tools
  • Data backup and recovery
  • E-Mail client and server components
  • Standard networking technology including:
  • FTP, telnet, ping, NAT, DNS, NFS, NIS, Web browser, mail readers
  • Support for systems with up to 4 CPUs
  • File and print services for UNIX and Windows systems
  • Graphical administration tools, graphical desktop, and browser-based online help system
  • Intel® Pentium IV support
  • SCSI III support
  • USB supplement for hubs, mice, keyboards, ZIP drive
  • Bootable CD ROM support
  • Flat panel digital monitor support

LA261-UX50W-5, LA261-UX50-5  (License Only)

Separate 5.0.7 Media Kit required.

SCO Openserver Detailed Information:


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