Oct 27, 2020
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SCO:  OpenServer Desktop System 1-user License

SCO: OpenServer Desktop System 1-user License

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The OpenServer Desktop System is an advanced UNIX workstation operating system ideal for use as an application development workstation, a commercial workstation, or as a traditional technical engineering workstation.


  • Advanced UNIX workstation operating system, complete with integrated networking services and X Window System™ based graphical user environment
  • Interface for the low cost Intel platform
  • RAID technologies available to handle the most complex business and engineering computing needs
  • Netscape Navigator® Web browser, graphical news reader and E-mail client
  • Full DOS and Windows® support available with Netraverse® Merge™ from SCO® add-on
  • Easy-to-use graphical system administration and configuration tools
  • Interoperable with multivendor networked systems including PCs, PC LAN servers, UNIX system workstations and servers, mini-computers and mainframes
  • Intel® Pentium IV support
  • SCSI III support
  • USB supplement for hubs, mice, keyboards, ZIP drive
  • Bootable CD ROM support
  • Flat panel digital monitor support

LA221-UX50W-5, LA221-UX50-5  (License Only)

Separate 5.0.7 Media Kit required.

SCO Openserver Detailed Information:  http://www.sco.com/products/openserver507/

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