Jan 26, 2022
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Cactus:     LONE-TAR Backup Bundle - SCO, Linux,

Cactus: LONE-TAR Backup Bundle - SCO, Linux,

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For the past Decade, LONE-TAR has established itself as one of the Industry's Premier Backup and Recovery Software for UNIX and LINUX Operating Systems. With its Fast and Accurate Backups, plus Powerful and Easy to use Recovery options, LONE-TAR is simply the best solution for your backup needs.

NEW!! LONE-TAR v4.3 Highlighted Features

  • Creates a backup archive of ENTIRE system
    ♦ device files
    ♦ partitions
    ♦ LVMs (Logical Volumes)
    ♦ empty directories
    ♦ links
    ♦ symbolic links
    ♦ RAW partitions
    ♦ virtual files
    ♦ (NFS / CIFS / SAMBA) mounted filesystems
  • All backup archives are 'tar' compatible when software compression is not used
    ♦ Our software will never hold your data hostage like other backup products
  • Byte-by-Byte™ Verification on ALL LONE-TAR backups
    Ensures the integrity of your backups are all 100%
  • Multiple backup compression levels to optimize your storage space
    ♦ On-the-fly data compression
  • 256-bit Encryption available for all backups (HIPPA Compliant)
    ♦ This is a separate add-on you purchase with LONE-TAR
    ♦ Generates 2048-bit encryption key pairs using a user-friendly "pass-phrase"
  • Supports backing up to the most popular devices on the market
    ♦ RDX™ Storage Vault
    ♦ RD1000™ Storage Vault
    ♦ USB Hard Drives / USB Thumb Sticks
    ♦ Tape Drives
    ♦ DVDs
    ♦ REV™ Drives
  • Supports backing up over the network (LAN / WAN)
    ♦ FTP
    ♦ SSH
    ♦ NAS Network-Attached-Storage (NFS / CIFS / Samba)
    ♦ Network Shares (including Windows™)
    ♦ Cloud
  • Cascading support for file backups where file-size limitations exists
    ♦ Splits backups into volumes and labels each volume sequentially to eliminate any file-size limitations
    ♦ This option is great for UNIX® users backing up their entire system to a file or network device.
  • Complete logs of ALL Backups, Restores, Verifies, and Listings
    ♦ Retention levels can be set to purge and compress old archive catalogs to conserve hard drive space
  • Hardware independent. Works with any device supported by your Operating System
    ♦ All devices must be listed on our Hardware Support Table for full functionality and support
  • Automated backup rotation schemes to network backups and disk-to-disk backups
    ♦ Daily, Weekly, Monthly rotations
    ♦ Rotation schemes for specified dates is support as well.
  • Execute user commands before/after any LONE-TAR backup process
  • Execute user commands before/after any LONE-TAR verify process
  • Multiple destinations for backups
    ♦ Run backups to multiple locations on any given day
  • Backs up Informix®, Oracle®, and Progress® database partitions
  • Advanced Email and Printer notifications of backup successes and failures
  • Automated Nightly Backups made easy through CRONY™
    A complete interface to manage all your 'cron' jobs, including LONE-TAR unattended backups
  • Simple character-based Menu System for all of LONE-TAR's functions
  • Menu driven setup of all backup devices and variables
  • Powerful inclusion and exclusion lists to customize your system backup
  • Includes source-code customization for your own scripts
    ♦ Use LONE-TAR in sync with your own scripts to perform user-specific jobs
  • Unmatched Support

    • 24x7x365 System Crash Support by our award winning Technical Team
    • Complete On-line Documentation
    • Complete YouTube™ FAQ Video Library
    • Friendly and knowledgeable technicians available to assist in any type of backup situation
    • Free 1 year support on all LONE-TAR purchases and upgrades
    • Extended support contracts are available to ensure help is always there when you need it


    CAC0044, CAC0015, CAC0020, CAC0019, CAC0023, CAC0016, CA60032, CAC0064, CAC0046 

    Linux, SCO OpenServer 5, SCO OpenServer 6, SCO UnixWare/ OpenUNIX 8, SCO UNIX, BSDI, FreeBSD

    For more detailed information:  http://www.lone-tar.com/

    Download Section: http://www.lone-tar.com/index.php?option=com_rokdownloads&view=folder&Itemid=88