May 26, 2022
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Cactus: LONE-TAR Legacy for IBM, HP, Sun

Cactus: LONE-TAR Legacy for IBM, HP, Sun

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For the past Decade, LONE-TAR has established itself as one of the Industry's Premier Backup and Recovery Software for UNIX and LINUX Operating Systems. With its Fast and Accurate Backups, plus Powerful and Easy to use Recovery options, LONE-TAR is simply the best solution for your backup needs.

NEW!! LONE-TAR Legacy Highlighted Features

  • Built-in 2048 bit data Encryption!
  • BZip2 Software Compression support.
  • Super-Fast Backup, reduces internal binary IO.
  • Cron backups to different files / devices.
  • Improved DVD/REV drive support!

Easy to Use:

  • Simple Menu Interface, for all of LONE-TAR's functions.
  • Fast Seek restores Makes quickly restoring files a snap.
  • Includes TAPE-TELL to help prevent Overwritting your most current backup.
  • Menu Driven Setup of all Backup Variables.
  • Non Destructive Restore to prevent overwritting your most current data.
  • Automated Nightly Backup made easy through Crony.
  • Powerful Inclusion and Exclusion lists to customize your system backup.
  • Online Update Manager that keeps LONE-TAR and RESCUE-RANGER cutting edge

Does not include AIR-BAG or RESCUE-RANGER (not available for this platform)

CAC0027, CAC0028, CAC0029

IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, HP HP-UX

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