May 26, 2022
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Century Software: TinyTerm Plus 1-user Upgrade

Century Software: TinyTerm Plus 1-user Upgrade

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TinyTERM Plus Edition provides secure, convenient, intuitive, client-based access to legacy data and applications using a standard Windows user interface or through an intuitive browser-based interface for superior ease-of-use and lower cost of ownership. In addition to telnet and full access (21 emulations) to UNIX and IBM host information and programs, TinyTERM Plus Edition includes a suite of printing and file sharing utilities (Samba SMB, NFS, LPR, FTP) to make the most of your client-based host access solutions in a secure environment via Secure Shell (SSH1 & SSH2) using 1024 bit encryption.

For Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/ME clients accessing UNIX and IBM host applications and data.

UPTTPL-1, UPTTPL-5, UPTTPL-10, UPTTPL-20, UPTTPL-50, UPTTPL-100.    Upgrade.

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