Jan 26, 2022
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Century Software: Term for UNIX/Linux All Platforms-  Maintenance

Century Software: Term for UNIX/Linux All Platforms- Maintenance

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TERM for UNIX/Linux is a powerful communication software solution for desktop and back-office UNIX/Linux systems. Powerful interactive terminal emulation and file transfer capability allows access from UNIX to other host systems via network, modem, and serial connections. Complete programmable communications solutions can be created and automated with TERM's powerful and comprehensive script language. Terminal emulations include exact SCO ANSI, Wyse60, DEC VT220 and more; file transfer capabilities include ZMODEM, WTERMCRC, and standard XModem and YModem

MCDIUNIX, MCDOUNIX, M16CF3, MU3.    Software Maintenance


For Intel-based Servers: SCO UNIX/Xenix, RedHat and Caldera Linux, AT&T, Altos, Convergent Tech, ICL, NCR 3000, UnixWare, Sequent Symmetry, Unisys 6000, various other versions of Linux.

For Non-Intel-based Servers: IBM RS/6000, DG/Aviion, HP9000, Motorola 3000/8000, Sun O/S & Solaris.

For more information: http://www.censoft.com/terminal_emulator/terminal_emulator_for_unix.php?src=999

Free Trail :    http://www.censoft.com/download/index.php?PartNum=TERM&src=122