May 26, 2022
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Digi AccelePort Xp  PCI 16 Port EIA-232 DB-25 Rack

Digi AccelePort Xp PCI 16 Port EIA-232 DB-25 Rack

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The AccelePort™ Xp, the newest addition to the Digi International AccelePort asynchronous adapter PCI 3.3V-5V Universal Card product line, was designed to further enhance multi-user (retail point-of-sale, industrial control processing, data collection and office automation) and Remote Access Service (RAS) implementations.

The AccelePort Xp adapter, available from two to 16 high-speed serial ports, provides wide application flexibility and superior CPU utilization. This is achieved through the adapter's Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC), which is built around an 80 Mhz RISC processor, providing the most advanced and highest performing design on the market today. And, unlike the competition, the AccelePort Xp communicates at 921.6 Kbps, bi-directionally, on each and every serial port with low latency.

70001550   Serial Card Asynchronous

Platforms: SCO OpenServer, Linux, UnixWare 7, Sun® Solaris(SPARC/Intel), IBM RS/6000 AIX, HP-UX, Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Novell

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