Jan 22, 2022
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Digi PortServer II 16 Rack

Digi PortServer II 16 Rack

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Digi PortServer II 16 Rack

The Digi PortServer Family of terminal servers provides network connectivity over TCP/IP for any serial device. The family supports application requirements from two to 64 ports. The versatile PortServer Family of PortServer TS and PortServer II products can attach any serial device to the Ethernet. These products are ideal for console management of server farms, hubs, routers and PBXs, as well as connecting terminals to database applications such as travel reservations and information services. The PortServer Family is also a smart solution for kiosk management applications and small ISPs. The PortServer II high-performance communications server includes all of the features of the PortServer TS plus expandability to 64 ports and extensive network management and security features. In addition, the PortServer II supports dial-up and LAN-to-LAN connections for TCP/IP remote access to your corporate LAN or the Internet over Frame Relay and analog lines. The PortServer II is available in both desktop and rack mount versions

Platforms: SCO OpenServer, Linux, UnixWare 7, Sun® Solaris(SPARC/Intel), IBM RS/6000 AIX, HP-UX, Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Novell


for more information : http://digi.com/products/terminal%20servers/dox/portserverIIDs.pdf