Jan 26, 2022
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Digi PortServer II 16em Module Rack Mount RJ-45

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Digi PortServer II 16em Module Rack Mount RJ-45

The AccelePort Xem system features a host adapter card with an on-board RISC-based processor that delivers up to 115.2 Kbps performance. The system also includes a compact Digi PORTS module that provides access to eight or 16 serial ports. AccelePort PORTS/ 8em and PORTS/ 16em modules work with any Digi adapter or concentrator that employs Digi's EBI (External Bus Interface) bus

Platforms: SCO OpenServer, Linux, UnixWare 7, Sun® Solaris(SPARC/Intel), IBM RS/6000 AIX, HP-UX, Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Novell


for more information : http://digi.com/products/terminal%20servers/dox/portserverIIDs.pdf