May 17, 2022
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Pacific Codeworks: TuneUp 6.0.0p PRO Upgrade from prev. version

Pacific Codeworks: TuneUp 6.0.0p PRO Upgrade from prev. version

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Pacific Codeworks: TuneUp 6.0.0p PRO from Prev. version

Monitors 100 Percent of system activity in real-time.
Tunes over 70 Kernel Parameters.
Pop-up Wizards - Identify processes with excessive Page Caching, Buffer Caching, CPU and memory usage
Alert-based support system. The moment a problem is detected, TuneUp warns you before the system reaches critical thresholds. Alerts issued through pager software, email or fax.
Kernel Scheduler - lets you see the last 100 processes the kernel ran, how long they ran, when they terminated and why.
Replay Logs - "Go back in time" to see what happened and fix it. TuneUp keeps a re-bootable database of previous kernel images. This provides a complete look into the system as it appeared - hours or days ago.
"Undo Button" for the Kernel. If tinkering has put your system out of sorts, just pick a previous "good" kernel image and reboot from it. All is well!
Large files/directories - track down these "silent performance killers".
Print Reports - of all of TuneUp's recommendations.
View other SCO systems over a Network.
Paging Software built-in.


Platforms: SCO UNIX, SCO OpenServer

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