Jan 26, 2022
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J. River: ICE.Off.Site Update 1 user

J. River: ICE.Off.Site Update 1 user

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J. River: ICE.Off.Site Update 1-user

ICE.Off.Site includes comprehensive terminal emulation for SCO ANSI Color Console,  AT&T605, VT102, VT220, IBM3151, AT386 ANSI Color Console (standard ANSI), Wyse60, and Wyse160 (including bitmap graphics  modes).  Color  is standard in all emulations.  132-column/43-line displays, color, and escape sequence features.
ICE.Off.Site supports local print for printing Linux/UNIX jobs to a Windows PC's.  By taking advantage of standard Linux/UNIX escape sequences, ICE.Off.Site can print transparently to a printer available in Microsoft's Windows Print Manager


DOS Win 3.x Win 95/98 Win ME Win NT 4.0/2000 Win XP