May 17, 2022
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J. River: ICE.TCP PLUS USER upgrades (all user counts)

J. River: ICE.TCP PLUS USER upgrades (all user counts)

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J River:ICE.TCP PLUS user upgrades

ICE.TCP PLUS 32-bit connectivity for mid-sized networks. Designed for dependability and depth. This connectivity package includes SSH compatibility, Linux emulation support and direct print capabilities.

Terminal emulation types include SCO ANSI Color Console, Linux Console, AT&T605, VT100/102, VT220, IBM3151, AT386 ANSI Color Console (standard ANSI), Wyse60, and Wyse160.
You can print from Linux/UNIX to network printers or from Windows to Linux/UNIX printers. ICE.TCP PLUS includes industry-standard LPR and LPD printing

Pricing Shown is for a 5-user to 10-user license upgrade. Select the correct user upgrade above, and then click "add to cart". Pricing will be adjusted accordingly.

Win 95/98 Win ME Win NT 4.0/2000 Win XP

PLUPG1-005, PLUPG1-010, PLUPG1-025, PLUPG1-050, PLUPG1-100, PLUPG1-250, PLUPG5-010, PLUPG5-025, PLUPG5-050, PLUPG5-100, PLUPG5-250, PLUPG10-025, PLUPG10-050, PLUPG10-100, PLUPG10-250, PLUPG25-050, PLUPG25-100, PLUPG25-250, PLUPG50-100, PLUPG50-250, PLUPG100-250, PLUPG100-500